Saturday, 31 March 2012

Fourth Day - 31.03.2012 Presentation of the European mobility programmes

11.30: Departure of the participants

10.00: Presentation of the Lifelong Learning programme.

9.30: Presentation of the Youth in Action Programme.

- Presentation of the Action 4 and 5 of the Youth in Action programme.
This training is supported by the British Council through the Action 4.3.

- Presentation of the Action 3 through our project ''Black Butterfly'' supported by the Youth in Action programme.

- Presentation of the Action 2 of the Youth in Action programme.

- Action 1.3: Youth Democracy

- Action 1.2: Presentation of the Youth Initiatives

- Action 1.1: Presentation of the Youth Exchange

Friday, 30 March 2012

Third Day - 30.03.2012 - Mini activities and visit of Manchester United Stadium

21.00 Clair is giving to each participant a YOUTHPASS.

20.30 Celebration event.

18.15 Dinner at theSapporo Teppanyaki, next to the sport centre.

15.00 Visit of the Manchester United Stadium (changing room, team entry, etc.)

14.30 Workshop in the Stadium with the Manchester United staff.

14.00 Visit of the museum of Manchester United.

12.30 Lunch

10.30 Acrobate workshop by Ohiane (participant from Spain)

9.45 Meeting

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Second Day - Wheelchair Basketball and water sport centre

14.00 Beginning of the activities at Salford Water Sports. Some are climbing, while some other are building a raft in team.

13.30 - Fish and Chips in front of the Water Sport Centre.

11.00 - Wheelchair Basketball

9.30 All participants (except 2 are late) for the workshop. They all have to do a forfeit around yoga.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Video from the First Day - Sport choice : circuit, gym, swim

FIRST DAY - 28.03.2012 - Arrival of the participants

22.40 - Welcoming meeting - Creation of a sportive Morph

20.30 - Dinner

19.00 - Arrival of Ohiane, the last (but not list) from the spanish group.

18.30 - 20.00 - Sport activities
''Circuit'' Workshop

Free sport in the swimmingpool

16.30 - Visit of Manchester
In front of the venue: Castlefield Hotel

 In Front of the Manchester town hall

Visit of the visitor center.

14.30 - 16.30 - English Tea Party

14.50 - Arrival of the Hungarian group at Manchester Airport

14.30 - Arrival of the Bulgarian group at Manchester Airport

13.50 - Arrival of the first two group at the hotel

13.20 - Arrival of the Romanian group at Manchester Airport (Ioana, Livia-Anca, Ana Maria, Irina-Maria and their group leader Cosmin)

12.40 - Arrival of the Spanish group at Manchester Airport (Pablo, Juan Carlos, Beatriz, and their group leader Ana Belen). Ohiane the other participant will arrive later.

11.00 - Tony picked up the UK group in Bradford.